Visual Art

Affordable Art Fair Hits Seattle.

Last weekend, the Affordable Art Fair made a stop here in Seattle. In the past the fair has been held in cities like London and New York City, but hey, Seattle likes art, too – especially if it’s affordable. Art at the fair was priced anywhere from $200 to $10,000 and everyone was represented. Even Damien Hurst had a few pieces in the show (for under a million bucks!).

Not unlike a supermarket, complete with aisles of mini-galleries.

Scott Burk and Laura Hamje of Seattle’s own Blindfold Gallery were on hand, showing some great work from their new gallery on Olive St.

Homonculus (hyena), by Claire Cowie keeps a close eye on the usually-empty lounge while shoppers gather up artwork.

A few activities to keep the future art collectors occupied.

Brent Townsend’s Gucci Girl

Signed and numbered woodcut prints from Damien Hirst for a mere $7,900