See It This Week

Adam Ant at the Neptune, Kimberly Trowbridge at Gage Academy, Contagious Exchanges at Hugo House

Adam Ant, photo credit Michael Sanderson

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Monday, Jan. 30

The Great Work Begins

By far, this is the most interesting time I’ve lived in. We’ve all got questions and aren’t sure where to direct them, so I plan on participating in this community discussion with other artists and community leaders at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, to talk about the role art plays in our current political landscape. —Barry Johnson
Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute

Wednesday, Feb. 1

CONTAGIOUS EXCHANGES: Queer Writers in Conversation

February’s installment of this entertaining, inspiring, community-building and frequently hilarious reading/lecture/interview series is hosted by writer and political thinker Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore and features Chad Goller-Sojourner and John Whittier Treat. —Sarah Galvin
Hugo House

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Kimberly Trowbridge

Gage Academy is known for its devotion to old-fashioned academic drawing and painting, but you might not be aware of their excellent drop-in art history lecture series, with a different guest speaker each week. This time painter Kimberly Trowbridge shares her expertise on landscape painting (let’s be honest: often a snooze-worthy genre). Bursting at the seams with a contagious, febrile love of art and provocative teaching style, her lecture will be anything but a snooze. —Amanda Manitach
Gage Academy of Art

Thursday, Feb. 2


A couple weeks ago, I spent an entire afternoon chair dancing to SassyBlack’s new beat tape, a smooth-bubbling mix composed entirely of *NSYNC samples. And I’m not even an *NSYNC fan! If you are—or generally appreciate deftly produced, pop-inflected hip-hop—check out SassyBlack live tonight rocking the Laser Dome’s 10,000-watt sound system. Buttery, left-field MC Taylar Elizza Beth opens. Chair dancing encouraged. —Jonathan Zwickel
Pacific Science Center Laser Dome

Thursday, Feb. 2 – Saturday, Feb. 4

Deep Sea Diver

I outgrew guitar heroics a long damn time ago, but I’ve always made an exception for Jessica Dobson, guitarist and singer for Seattle band Deep Sea Diver. Her playing combines the textural richness of goth and shoegazer music with the concise tension of post-punk, and it’s a wonder to hear live. Dobson’s fireworks invariably send her band’s already great, toothy but still melodic pop songs straight into the stratosphere. —Tony Kay
Sunset Tavern

Thursday, Feb. 2 – Sunday, Feb. 5

Let the Right One In

Adapting this vampire novel-turned-film for the stage might seem a weird choice, but not in the hands of National Theatre of Scotland dream team John Tiffany and Stephen Hoggett (who made Once and Black Watch, among others). Their movement-heavy style is a perfect for the story of a lonely, bullied teenage boy who becomes friends with an, ahem, unusual neighborhood girl. I can’t wait. Let the Right One In runs through Feb. 12. —Gemma Wilson
Moore Theatre

Friday, Feb. 3

Adam Ant

I lived in the suburbs in junior high and high school back in (hideous datedness alert) the early 1980s. So for this weird kid, Adam and the Ants’ openly goofy, outsized, wall-of-drums pop, and the flamboyant tribal yelp of lead singer Adam Ant, made strong impressions on me. And damned if the songs don’t remain the greatest catchy nonsense ever. It’ll be fun hearing Ant do a victory lap, hopefully goosed by toms loud enough to burst eardrums.  —Tony Kay
Neptune Theatre

Saturday, Feb. 4


Local hip-hop curmudgeon/tastemaker Andrew Matson has held down a monthly dance party at charming Capitol Hill dive Speckled & Drake for years. After launching as Bad Rap with Larry Mizell, Jr. he’s since partnered with buzzy underground producer/DJ Hansmjustin and rebranded the night FR FR. Tonight they host versatile producer Luna God and the eclectic, soon-to-relocate-to-Taiwan DJ Hojo. Expect globe-spanning bangers, weeded chill and posi vibes. —Jonathan Zwickel
Speckled & Drake