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Seattle’s funniest tweets this week.
This week’s Tweeters do battle with Seattle weather, Powerball losses, bad reality television, and boredom.

Q&A with Matt Owen of ‘Elf: The Musical’

With its sincere sweetness and Will Farrell’s gangly goofery, Elf was instantly absorbed into the holiday movie canon when it hit theaters in 2003. Two years ago, the movie was adapted for Broadway and transformed into a big-budget, family-friendly…

Formidable Fruit

Quince is biblical,mythical and very much in season. But for Pete’s sake, don’t try to eat it raw.
Once a year around Halloween, a friend brings me a bag of quince from her aunt’s farm near Portland. “We have more of these than we know what to do…

Tristan Devin, 1980-2012

Sometime in the morning on Nov. 11, Tristan Devin ended his life in the alley behind People’s Republic of Koffee, the Capitol Hill café he owned and operated. The news of the 32-year-old comedian’s death was a shock. To some members of…

Piano Man

In general, I’m not big on other people. What I care about is my place, my DVDs, my food, my couch. But my buddy Jason had a kid, and when that kid looked into my face and smiled, I turned to Jason and said, “Now I have to love this thing. I hate…

Ivory Christmas

It’s axiomatic the holidays are complicated. The 
combination of diminishing light, inclement weather, family entanglements, copious food, myriad booze and, oh yeah, religion, makes the real holiday miracle the fact we still often enjoy ourselves….

Cross-dressing the gendered gesture

Sean Johnson’s piece, Snare, says it all: CAUTION. Entering the fray about gender and art is a stroll on thin ice, even in relatively-liberal Seattle, replete with its abundance of female artists, curators and other arts professionals. But artist,…

‘Lovers’ by Hans-Peter Feldmann

Are they married? Courting? All we know for sure about “Lovers” comes from the title. To create this image, conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann used an old photograph and removed most of its identifying features, replacing them with wood grain….

Father of the Claw: Mark Siano

When I moved to Seattle in 2001, the defaced road sign you see to the left made me chuckle every time I drove past it on 15th Avenue East near Volunteer Park. As my explorations around the city expanded, I saw the same defacement on similar signs…

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Attractive Singles

Five can’t-miss tracks from the PNW
Sir Lancelot Thaddeus David, 
feat. Nacho Picasso and Avatar Darko Last month, this column praised the latest from Nacho Picasso, the molasses-mouthed MC with surrealist verse and smoldering bravado. This month…