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Seattle’s funniest tweets this week.
This week’s tweeters react to the first presidential debate, the Hulk Hogan sex tape, and other matters of grave national importance.

What to Catch at the 2012 Tacoma Film Festival

It’s easy for local cinephiles to view Seattle as the epicenter of Northwest filmgoing. But for seven years Tacoma has played host to a diverse film festival of its own.
The Tacoma Film Festival has built a reputation as an…

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Beach House at Showbox

Beach House feels like a guilty pleasure. With album names like Teen Dream and Devotion, Sub Pop’s Baltimore-based dream pop duo is spun of the stuff of prepubescent fantasy. Their barely-coherent lyrics conjure the gauzy, ineffable stock of…

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Sherman Alexie Blasphemy Release

For some reason I half expected the front windows of Elliot Bay Bookstore to be quivering with raucous frat-party noise late Monday night in wild anticipation of Sherman Alexie’s midnight release party for his new book Blasphemy: New and Collected…

From Russia With Blood

It wouldn’t be a play set in Russia without vodka and borscht, and The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls at Washington Ensemble Theatre has plenty of that. The West Coast premiere of the play, written by L.A.-based playwright Meg Miroshnik and…

Leif Skyving: Blue Comedy and Red State Politics

Leif Skyving might be the ultimate political underdog: a career standup comic running for Idaho State Senate as a Democrat in one of the reddest districts in one of the reddest states in the country. As he puts it, “I’m Rocky before the first…

‘Small Voids’ Mini Galleries on Thursday

If you’re going to First Thursday art walk in Pioneer Square this week, keep your eyes peeled on the street. Along a city block near the Tashiro-Kaplan artist building, Small Voids will feature 110 mini “galleries” each containing the work of a…

Decibel Festival Wrap-up

At the Triple Door during Sunday night’s ambient-focused Optical Showcase—there were 5 (!) this year—a fellow Db long-timer made an insightful comment: “It used to be that people would have a similar Decibel experience, but this time, nobody…

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Avant-Garde Dance from Africa gives Women a Voice

There is no language barrier in dance—communication is achieved through the body, and the art is in the movement. Last weekend Seattle Theatre Group presented “Voices of Strength,” a mini festival of contemporary dance from women in Africa. The…

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Q&A with Richard Chiem

You may have developed a taste for Richard Chiem’s voice from his story “Back Pockets Full of Dynamite” published in the September issue of City Arts. This month, though, you’ll have the chance to curl up with his debut full-length book of…