Bring It On Home

Not delivery. Not street food. Take-out.
Little Uncle Capitol Hill When our favorite chefs endorse a place, we listen. Served from what looks like a street-facing storage closet, Little Uncle is so unpretentious you’d easily drive right by it….

Bearded and Beflanneled

WHO Adam Boehmer, a 31-year-old poet, singer and songwriter with possibly the best beard in Seattle. The Capitol Hill resident performs folk music with his band Tenderfoot.
The look Boehmer calls it “masculine drag”: plaid, wool, heavy denim,…

Ben Fisher Buys a Beer

Ascendant songsmith Ben Fisher is normally alone on stage, belting out his modern folk songs accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. During his headlining set at the Conor Byrne pub on the last Thursday night of September, though, he had some unusual…

Grrrl Army Makes Its Mark

As the summer came to a close, a very public (and very visual) battle was being waged on a corner on Capitol Hill.
One day, the long-loved public walls of the Sunset Electric building at 11th Avenue and Pine Street—long used by both artists and…

The Oatmeal Expands Its Empire

Not Just for Breakfast
Hidden in plain sight off a busy intersection in downtown Fremont, Matthew Inman is busy making The Oatmeal.
Started in 2009, The Oatmeal was just a crudely drawn, intermittently updated, consistently brilliant web comic….

Rock Vets Start Over Again

“Bands should never break up,” says Jefferson Angell, leaning into the steam of a vermicelli bowl.
The lanky musician is answering a question about his new band, Walking Papers, but his emphasis reveals that he is speaking from experience. Like…

Infusion Profusion

Soaking tasty things in strong liquor is easy and effective.
The Highline Capitol Hill A vegan heavy metal bar set above Broadway’s skuzzy street parade (and a sex shop), the Highline feels like your alt cousin’s college clubhouse, only…

Yoram Bauman, Stand-up Economist

Yoram Bauman is the world’s first and only stand-up economist. A graduate of Reed College in Portland and the University of Washington (where he earned his Ph.D in economics and sometimes teaches), Bauman performs fiscal and political satire in…

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In the Wilderness

With two concurrent shows that span the last 25 years of his work on view in Seattle, Jeffry Mitchell considers work that needs no explanation.

In 1989, Matthew Kangas curated a show at Bumbershoot about abstraction and asked me to take part. I…

Pieces of Benjamin

The Death Cab for Cutie singer returns from Los Angeles carrying a retrospective solo album, hope for the future and a refined sadness inside.

We were losing him.
We, the college radio listeners with abandonment issues, the broken-hearted bedroom…