Gob Squad’s Kitchen

Let’s go back to May for a minute. Julie Andrée T., a performer from Montreal, is onstage at On the Boards. Her white t-shirt is soaked through with red juice from a red pepper she feverishly masticated like a feral child promptly after walking…

Decibel Day 2

Orbital? As in, are you going? As if that’s a question you ask every day.
A Seattle visit from the renowned figures of British acid house, rave and techno is something to celebrate. The group dropped “Halcyon” two songs into last night’s…

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Time of the Robots

There’s much enchantment in the flickering images of early 20th-century fantastic cinema.
Decades before cinematic illusions could be wrought with a few mouse clicks and keyboard taps, pioneering filmmakers crafted strange worlds, space ships and…

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Five from Fringe

The catchphrase for this year’s resurrection of Seattle’s Fringe Festival was “close-to-the-skin,” but after a nearly ten-year hiatus, the festival got so close it went under. Having 20 shows spread like a theatrical treasure hunt across a…

Decibel Festival Day 1

“Demdike Stare re-score surrealist Jean Rollins’ 1970 erotic horror film, La Vampire Nue.”
So read the description of Decibel Festival’s opening performance, and I was sold. I was one of a couple of hundred rapt, ready nerds at the Broadway…

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Tweets of the Week

Seattle’s funniest tweets this week.
This week batch takes a look at replacement refs, presidential electioneering, and the iPhone 6, plus more of the scintillating social commentary you’ve come to expect.


Musician, ginger beer brewer and all-around mystery man Tilson gives a peek inside his wardrobe.
Tilson is known for being unknowable. The one-named enigma may or may not live in Tacoma; we see him around Seattle often though. Until a couple of years…

Over the Rainbow

State Representative and tenor Jamie Pedersen talks about how the Seattle Men’s Chorus and the Seattle Women’s Chorus will use their voices to support Referendum 74.
When I first ran for office in 2006, it was a hotly contested Democratic primary…

Q&A with Corina Bakker of The Tempers

The Tempers are a trio of performance artists, applying equal attention to their music—dark and twisted minimalist electro-pop—as to their wigged-out performances. Though the band is only three years old, siblings Corina Bakker (vocals), James…