The Price of Admission

Sure, you can get good seats to sold-out events at the last minute from scalpers. But you might be paying those kinds of crazy prices without knowing who you’re dealing with.
There are hot tickets and then there are tickets you’d, like, kill for….

The Curator’s Eye: Above and Beyond

Tod Gangler, PhotographerSelected by Deborah Paine, curator, Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs

Beauty in contemporary artwork is often held at bay, something considered “old fashioned” or not edgy or plaintive enough to compel modern…

The Naked and the Dread

His fourth novel, the most autobiographical yet, is now out in the world and David Guterson is wary of being too closely tagged for any resemblance to his fiction.
Photography by Charles Peterson
Sipping coffee in a favorite Bainbridge café, David…

Anarchy on Two Wheels

Get on your bike and join up with hundreds of merry pranksters. Take over the town. Never mind where you’re going. It’s summer in Seattle and the fun just doesn’t get much larger than this.
Photography by Thomas Hyde
The great body of riders…

Instructions Not Included

Q & A with Barbara Earl Thomas
“Let me show you something funny,” Barbara Earl Thomas says, laughing softly as she walks across her Columbia City studio to retrieve a piece of paper taped to the wall. “Now, this has nothing to do with…

Extreme Tree Trimming

The historic 2006 Hanukkah Storm felled a Laurelhurst Atlas cedar so big it took three people holding hands to ring its trunk. The wind snapped off huge branches, leaving the lopsided survivors looming menacingly over the neighbor’s place.

The Curator’s Eye: The Silk Road

Tapestry, 2006, dye and acrylic on silk, 44 x 50 inches
Selected by Karen Abel, UP Front [art]

Anne Anderson creates large‑scale paintings on heavy silk using beeswax, dyes and acrylic paints. The process is reminiscent of both watercolor and…

Java Jive: Lawyers and Loopholes

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Stories of a couple of civil suits may leave you needing a jump-start.

I’m pretty sure God invented the coffee house to help the freelance writer in two important ways: First, it gets me out of my house (and…

Crazy Perfect

Or, How to Make Many People Happy at a Restaurant in Kirkland and Feel Pretty Good about Yourself.

It’s ten o’clock on Sunday at Seattle’s Fremont Market and things are not going smoothly for Holly Smith. The owner and executive chef of Café…

Tour de Force

Redmond to Spokane. In five days. On your bike.
Bicycle-mounted Japanese troops ride in the Philippines circa 1940.
For many people the Northwest is synonymous with outdoor adventure and here’s one way to experience this region’s beautiful…

Ed’s Collection

It’s practically a living scrapbook of the Northwest that one dedicated and determined professional packrat has assembled for the Washington State Historical Society to benefit posterity.
Meet Ed Nolan, a trim, white-haired, fourth-generation…

Tour de Mont

How much creativity does it take to ride your bike one hundred and fifty-four miles up and around Mount Rainier? Just think of the stories you have to tell yourself to make it all the way.
There are reasons why regular people mutate into dedicated…