videOasis Cometh!

 On Thursday, April 24, City Arts, Northwest Film Forum and 12toRain present videOasis: a Night of Music Videos from around the northwest. 

Curated by Courtney Sheehan of NWFF, Yonnas Getahun of 12toRain, Oscar-winning director TJ Martin and yours truly, City Arts senior editor Jonathan Zwickel, videOasis brings to the big screen for the first time a slew of music videos made by Northwest musicians and filmmakers. The field of music videomaking (it’s a word) has advanced dramatically, with high-res recording equipment and editing software more available than ever and more distribution channels open than ever before. But with the massive influx and without the tastemaking gatekeeping of MTV, even hardcore fans rarely know where to turn to find the good stuff. The videOasis team spent the last two months scouring the Internet and brought back a strong, strange crop of brand-new videos that span styles and sounds. We’re also world-premiering the first video by rising stars Hightek Lowlives, featuring recent Sound Off! winner/powerhouse vocalist Otieno Terry. 

Thurday night’s playlist:

Odesza, “Our Friends Never Die” dir. Meskaprod
The Bar, “Barkada” dir. Harry Clean
Real Don Music, “Emeralds and Angels” dir. Devin Ensz and Kirk Huffman 
Romaro Franceswa, “Big Payback” dir. Johan Liedgren
Childbirth, “How Do Girls Even Do It” dir. Stacy Peck
Tennis Pro, “The Mixtape Song” dir. John Jeffcoat 
Iska Dhaaf, “Everybody Knows” dir. Tristan Seniuk
Low Hums, “It’s in the Air” dir. Clyde Petersen
TxE, “This Town” dir. Noah Porter
Hightek Lowlives, “Error Code 504” dir. Dave Wilson
Kithkin, “Altered Beast” dir. Ben Anderson and Sawyer Purman

So much goodness.

The video program will be followed by a Q&A with musicians and directors, then the grand finale: A live set by City Arts Best New Music 2014 alums Low Hums!

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store, the super-slick rotoscoped video for Real Don Music’s “Emeralds and Angels”. Enjoy! And we’ll see you Thursday at 8 p.m. at Northwest Film Forum. Buy your tickets—cheap!—here