Video Premiere: “Trails” by SISTERS

The electro-pop duo wander hither and yon in search of...

The two members of SISTERS like to describe themselves as long-lost best friends. Emily Westman grew up in south Florida and Andrew Vait in Alaska—the far opposite corners of North America—before they first met in the music program at University of Miami. After graduation, both of them relocated separately in Seattle and, through connections in the local music scene, ended up joining the Seattle Rock Orchestra. At that point they realized they were fated to friendship and they had no other choice but to form a band. And so they started SISTERS, a shamelessly earnest love machine that peddles in explosive, upbeat electro-pop, far bigger than their modest two-person format suggests. 

We’ve been fans of the band since their first single in 2014 and last year included them in our Best New Music issue. Today we’re proud to premiere the video for “Trails,” an anthemic exemplar from their upcoming debut LP Drink Champagne, coming in February 2017. In it Westman and Vait—and their button-cute, toddling alter egos—wander hither and yon through West Seattle’s Lincoln Park in search of… well, no spoilers. Find out by watching the video below.