Video Premiere: Dark Hip Falls, “Lam2: Red Hands”

Sumptuous watercolor animation compliments a moody, mercurial song.

Dark Hip Falls self-released their debut album Seventy Four about a year ago; the album’s dark-hued instrumental palette is brightened by slick pop-rock production and singer Tim Mendonsa’s glistening vocals. And the album’s second video adds further chromatic diversity, in this case visually and literally. Animator Tess Martin draws us into an watercolor kaleidoscope that grows deeper and more intense as the song progresses. Sanguine shapes shifting from Rorchach-style symmetry to pulsing capillaries to figurative footsteps to a tunneling, swirling mandala. Along the way, Mendonsa sings, I could change from something evil to something beatiful. Transformation is written all over this thing. 

Mendonsa says he was drawn to Martin’s animation because of its “restless, breathing quality.” Martin details the making of the video on her website

We’re big fans of this sort of impressionistic relationship between song and video, especially when both are done well, which is what we have here. Put it video on full-screen and enjoy.