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A tribute to Overton Berry, a detective comedy, Beat Connection, apocalyptic landscape paintings, Kortney Shane Williams and more

Beat Connection Photo by Eric Tra

Monday, Oct. 9

Tribute to Overton Berry

Overton Berry has been playing piano in this town since your grandparents used to hit clubs. Berry and his pop-jazz combo will reportedly be joined by several surprise musical guests, but just hearing the man’s elegant playing live is all the incentive you need to get out on a school night. —Tony Kay
Jazz Alley

Monday, Oct. 9, Thursday, Oct. 12 – Saturday, Oct. 14

Why We Have a Body

This is your last weekend to see Claire Chafee’s play Why We Have a Body, led by seasoned local director Rhonda J. Soikowski. If you haven’t gotten to 12th Avenue Arts yet to check out this odd, thoughtful comedy about four women with interconnected lives—a private detective, her petty criminal sister, her mother and the married woman she pines for—get on it now. —Gemma Wilson
12th Avenue Arts

Wednesday, Oct. 11

Beat Connection

The city’s most polished and progressive electro-pop band, Beat Connection mostly plays big-ass festival stages around the U.S., so we’re psyched to see them downsize for a night and take over the familiar—and recently upgraded—confines at Neumos. Tonight all ticket money goes to relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Houston and Mexico City. —Jonathan Zwickel

Thursday, Oct. 12

Fall Art Walk Awards

Join us for the Fall Art Walk Awards! Each quarter three guest judges explore neighborhood art walks throughout the city to select nine exhibited artworks as finalists. Art Walk Awards celebrate the finalists; partygoers at the event will choose the winners. The top three works will receive cash prizes and first place will be featured in City Arts magazine. —City Arts Editors
Sole Repair Shop

Thursday, Oct. 12

Hidden Gardens

Painter Sarah Hammel-Vick takes us for a walk through her Hidden Gardens and it’s kind of like if Tom Wesselmann and Salvador Dali had a baby while on a sexy, apocalyptic ayahuasca trip. Delicious landscapes populated with disembodied fingers lacquered blood red and ghoulish creeping faces and twisted, fleshy bulbous bodies galore! —Amanda Manitach
The Factory

Thursday, Oct 12

Sun Strays

You know Lauren Max from her Style Profile photos in the magazine each month. Tonight she focuses her lens on the dusty landscapes and oddball characters she found in her travels through the American Southwest, Mexico and Italy. Summer may be gone, but the sun-soaked glory of Max’s gorgeous images might just provide enough vitamin D to get you through the gray days. —Dan Paulus
Joe Bar

Thursday, Oct. 12 – Sunday, Oct. 15

Beware the Terror of Gaylord Manor

I’ve been looking forward to Benjamin Puntam aka BenDeLaCreme’s comedy/dance/burlesque hybrid horror show for months, and here’s why: Putnam plays an ingénue trapped in a mysterious house with a pair of paranormal researchers on Halloween night, where they’re terrorized by monsters played by performers such as Scott Shoemaker, Richard Andriessen and Faggedy Randy. I’m sold. Runs through Oct. 29. —Gemma Wilson
ACT Theatre

Friday, Oct 13

Who is She?, Secret Superpower, special guests

It’s a Friday night. Do what the hell you want. But start the evening off right by hitting this cassette release party for Tacocat/Chastity Belt/Childbirth supergroup mashup Who Is She? first. Their scrappy DIY punk-pop sounds exactly like you’d want it to, in the best possible way. Plus it’s all-ages and free. —Tony Kay
Everyday Music (Capitol Hill)

Friday, Oct. 13

Word Works: Mary Ruefle

If Mary Reufle, whose every written sentence is like 30 pounds of gunpowder in a one-pound bag, can’t make you excited to be alive, you might be dead already. Tonight she’ll read from her new book, On Imagination—a topic, like love or death, you’d think it impossible to have a fresh take on. Reufle certainly will, and you’ll leave this reading, presented by Hugo House, knowing it. —Sarah Galvin
Frye Art Museum

Friday, Oct. 13 – Saturday, Oct. 14

Kortney Shane Williams album release

Kortney Shane Williams skewers Pacific Northwest culture with a sly, surly wit. He’s a local opener for Dave Chappelle and Hannibal Buress and his Standup Style showcase at Naked City Brewery is one of the best indie shows in town. This month, he self-releases his fourth album. Check out our Q&A with Williams, where he talks about opening for superstars, his work ethic and his love for LeBron. —Brett Hamil
The Jewel Box at the Rendezvous

Sunday, Oct. 15

Open Books Sunday After SAL: Discussion on Stephen (Steph) Burt

Gathering after a big reading to explore and digest an important event through conversation—what a great idea! Drop by Open Books today to discuss gender-fluid poet, literary critic and Harvard English professor Steph Burt’s Oct. 9 reading. Good conversation, good company and the best selection of poetry books in town! —Sarah Galvin
Open Books