Throw Me the Statue Plays the Hits on the Song Show

In early April, Throw Me the Statue returned to the Seattle music scene after a two year absence, filling Neumos with dense and melodic experimental pop songs as a curious crowd looked on, gauging what, if anything, two years in the wilds of Los Angeles had done to the music orchestrated by frontman Scott Reitherman. Much was the same — the undeniable hooks, Reitherman’s mumblecore vocals — but the songs were further afield from conventional pop songcraft, eschewing the familiar for layered soundscapes that swelled, bounced and slashed.

When I asked Reitherman to be a guest on The Song Show I thought he might bring stripped down versions of those complex compositions. Turns out, that is impossible: the complexity is the composition. Instead, Reithermann brought his acoustic guitar and four songs from his past. As he finishes up work on Throw Me the Statue’s third full-length album for Secretly Canadian, this performance, recorded June 7, 2012 at the Rendezvous in Seattle, served as an unofficial farewell to simpler times.

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…and watch Reitherman perform “Conquering Kids,” from his 2007 release Moonbeams, for the Song Show cameras.



Photograph of Scott Reitherman by Vincenzo Frattarola.