The NEW City Arts

The future is YOU

City Arts is gearing up for some big changes. After more than a decade under our parent company, Encore Media Group, the time has come for us to leave the nest and strike out on our own.

In the months ahead City Arts will become an independent startup with a new revenue model, a more robust digital footprint and a plan to create lasting sustainability. At a time when arts journalism is in staggering decline, we’re doubling down on our commitment to the region’s creative community. We’re proud to cover and support the artists and audiences of this region, proud to reach 95,000 readers every month, and proud to be the only free, monthly, regional arts magazine nationwide.

In our 2017 reader survey, 32 percent of respondents used the word “love” or something like it to characterize their feelings about City Arts. In light of all that love, we’re launching our first membership campaign, and inviting our readers and supporters to get more deeply involved in what we do. We hope you’ll become a Founding Member as we embark on City Arts 2.0!

Learn more about our plans, membership and its perks!