Taste Test

Taste Test with Jessa Carter

Photo by Dylan Priest

The term “visual fluency” was coined to describe the talents of people like Jessa Carter. The Northern California-born photographer, graphic designer, stylist, curator and creative director works across a range of mediums, from commercial projects to fine art, applying to each her unerring, highly stylized eye. After moving to Seattle in 2010, Carter helped found performance/art space LoveCityLove and began trend forecasting and strategizing content for Nordstrom. 
This month she departs 
the retail giant for some time off, with her sights set on trend-forecasting agencies in Paris.

Tea time
Nobody does a matcha like Sweetgrass, this little café downtown. They use really good matcha and add a little cacao and agave. I don’t drink coffee, so it’s a special treat for me.

High Priestess
I’ve always loved Nina Simone but I’m having a re-obsession with her. Songs like “Baltimore” and “Golden Earring” and “Ne Me Quitte Pas,” the song she sings in French—that’s my jam right now.

Camelot revisited
My favorite thing I’ve watched recently was a Jackie Kennedy interview from 1961, talking to Sander Vanocur about the origins of the White House and her role as First Lady.

Meat free
Being a vegetarian, you end up discovering little gems like the veggie dumplings at TanakaSan. It’s a black bean fermented dumpling that’s so substantial and savory and delicious.

Foot fetish
I have this marble doorstopper that’s a men’s size 13 foot—a special hand-me-down from a marble store in Venice. When anyone comes over, of all the things in my house, they’re drawn to the foot.