Taste Test with DV One

Photo by David Wentworth

“Sixty-five-thousand people, you’re on the Jumbotron, everybody’s screaming, it’s insane.” This is how Toby Campbell, aka DJ DV One, describes his current gig, DJing at CenturyLink Field during Seahawks home games. Campbell has been involved in hip-hop his entire life; winning the International Turntablist Federation championship at 23 years old sent him on a globetrotting trajectory that landed him in New York’s foundational Rocksteady Crew and on stages with Quincy Jones, Kanye West and Dave Chapelle. “I’ve been fortunate that people think I’m good so my phone keeps ringing.”

Bar None
“I cannot live without the Iron Gym. It’s a pull-up bar you hang on your door frame. If you’re too lazy to work out after a Molly Moon’s milkshake you do 10 pull-ups and you’re like, ‘We’re even now’.”

Watch Out
“I don’t dress things up, 
I dress them down. I’ll wear Levis 501s and a T-shirt with a Rolex Submariner or Louis Vuitton belt. The accessories make things stand out.”

Roller Skating Jams
“I’m rediscovering Jheri curl music—groups like Dayton, Cameo, Dennis Edwards, Unlimited Touch, One Way, Daz Band. It was the transition from disco-funk to ’80s pop and R&B. That shit is funky. Luther Vandross when he had a curl—that shit was great.”

Pyramid Scheme
“I’ve been watching The Pyramid Code on Netflix. It’s a series on the significance of pyramids around the world—why they are where they are, what they’re used for. They talk about electrical fields and the magnetic properties they have with the earth.”

Good Grass
“A double wheatgrass shot with a side of ginger from Whole Foods—that does it for me. I’m 41 years old and I do MMA and every time I leave the gym I get that wheat grass shot to rejuvenate.”