Taste Test with Chris Alderson

Photo by David Wentworth

Oil painter and animator Chris Alderson channels his earliest inspirations. 

If you were born in in the early ’80s and raised on “X-men, dinosaurs and ninja turtles,” you too might end up an oil painter and video game artist like Chris Alderson. After seven years at Bungie in Bellevue, designing characters for Halo and Destiny, two of the most popular video games ever made, the 31-year-old Yakima native recently set off on his own, launching a virtual-reality software company a few months ago. “There’s been a boom in VR technology,” Alderson says. “For the first time, a character can look you in the eye. You feel that connection.”

Street Smart
“I tend to polish my art to death so I look up to artists who keep it fresh. There’s a street artist and painter out of LA named Andrew Hem that’s not afraid of using bright colors.”

“I keep it pretty simple when it comes to fashion. Give me a T-shirt, a hoodie and some Chuck’s high tops and I’m doing pretty good. A girlfriend once said that’s my uniform. I don’t know how to take that.”

Away Game
“I have a few soccer buddies that I travel with. We went to Brazil last year for the World Cup and Poland a few years before that for the Euro Cup. The next Euro Cup is in France next summer so we’ll be there for that. It’s cool to share the love for soccer with people and also get a sweet trip out of it.”

Bachelor Pad
“My place is decked out Midcentury. I like to sprinkle some modern flavor in there but it has to be the right piece that gives it cohesion. I just bought a vintage credenza at ten22home in Fremont that looks nice with a whisky tray on top.”