Scarecrow Suggests

Scarecrow Suggests: April 2014

April 8
I Am Divine
Harris Glenn Milstead’s outrageous alter ego Divine burst onto the pop culture scene in John Waters’ notorious early movies, and soon became a cult superstar. Milstead died way too young, but his legacy is undeniable. On one hand, this is a fairly straightforward biography, packed with movie clips and interviews. On the other hand, with a life like Milstead’s, I Am Divine is as unique as Divine, the most beautiful woman in the world! Spenser Hoyt

April 15
Touch of Evil / Double Indemnity
Double Indemnity may be the definitive noir: It’s got the fatale-est of femmes in Barbara Stanwyck, the ultimate corruptible everyman in Fred MacMurray and the biting, cynical Billy Wilder directing. Touch of Evil by Orson Welles shares many noir tropes, but was darker and more twisted and Universal cut it severely. The Blu-ray features three different cuts of the film, so we can judge for ourselves just how insane Welles was (or wasn’t). Mark Steiner

Tourist Trap
Under-viewed and under-appreciated, this 1979 gem (predating Friday the 13th, uninfluenced by Halloween) is one of the greatest horror films of all time. All the pieces of a standard horror film are there, but they’re done with a twist and a little class. Most viewers have seen plenty of recent horror, which makes this movie seem both familiar and incredibly fresh. Rich Grendzinski

April 29
Escape from Tomorrow
Director Randy Moore set this exploration of thwarted suburban masculinity in the Disney World theme park, and shot (clandestinely, without permission) in the real location. Its main character carts his wife and kids through the park, becomes obsessed with some French girls, and may be going insane. The making of Escape from Tomorrow is perhaps more interesting than the actual film, a novel approach to an increasingly corporatized “indie” film industry. Matt Lynch