More Things You Should Definitely Do This Weekend

Seattle, your good times are killing us. This weekend launches a flood of excellent artistic diversions, three of which are tonight. We’re equally psyched anxious, unable to do all the things we wanna do but willing to try anyway. To enumerate:

The architectural mavericks GoCstudio are building a floating sauna to install on Lake Washington. Tonight they host a Kickstarter-campaign launch party at their stylish office in Pioneer Square. A $40 donation gets you dinner from La Bodega, beer and wine, a bunch of cool schwag and a ground-floor spot on what’s gonna be an obsession during the winter months. 

If you haven’t been to the Frye for Your Feast Has Ended, tonight’s your night, as members of artistic collective the Black Constellation soundtrack the art on the walls with four hours of improvised music. Ishmael Butler, Tendai Maraire, Erik Blood and OC Notes will be stationed in different areas of the museum, playing who-knows-what as the mood strikes, riffing on the artwork of Your Feast Has Ended and the themes it evokes. The three artists on display—Nick Galanin (Alaska), Nep Sidhu (Toronto) and Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes (Seattle)—delve deep into huge concepts, some radical and confrontational, others esoteric and metaphysical. The work challenges notions of race, identity, access and appropration; it mediates on the connection between language and architecture and the very building blocks of consensus reality; it celebrates indigenous iconography, sympbolism, ritual and cultural preservation; it looks really fucking cool. The entire exhibit is capital-I Important, a world-class collection of perspective-shifting ideas in visual form, now with an appropriately badass soundtrack entitled “Expanding the Now: The Continual Line.” Yeah.

Northwest Film Forum hosts the theatrical premiere of No No: A Dockumentary, a full-length documentary about Dock Ellis, the badass baseball player who threw a no-hitter on LSD, soundtracked by AdRock of the Beastie Boys. After the screening, musician/baseball geek Tomo Nakayama hosts a Q&A with producer Chris Cortez. 

Seattle’s soul-stoking dance night, DUG, celebrates its latest instalment tonight at LoFi. Dedicated to all things funky, DUG has provided booty-moving grooves monthly for six long years. Tonight DJs Greasy, David James, Christian Science send off resident DJ Jon Francois, who’s moving to Michigan. 

Saturday is the fourth-annual NEPO 5K Don’t Run, an experiential urban art ramble that weaves from the ID to Beacon Hill, tripping through 60-some site-specific art pieces along the way, situated on the street, off the street, under the freeway, in garages and parks, wherever. I’ve never been but have heard great things. Weather tomorrow is ideally suited for this kinda brown-bag flaneurism.

Speaking of awesome weather, Sunday is the second installment of Dream Cargo, an art happening at the Cisco Morris Biodiversity Garden at Seattle U “inspired by the garden’s sense of mystery and strange and dramatic mix of nature and architecture.” Not sure what that will add up to but I like the premise. And even more I like Tiny Vipers, the rarely heard musical project of Jesy Fortino, set in an outdoor space. Fortino’s music is austere and quiet, ideally suited to hear outdoors, in the midst of week’s-end gloaming. She once told me, “I like mysteries, something that you can’t see, you can’t understand, something far away that implies lots of space.” Get into it. 

goCstudio WA_Sauna Campaign Launch Party
321 3rd Ave. S #201
4 p.m.-“late”
Donations accepted

Frye Art Museum
“Expanding the Now”
704 Terry Ave.
6-10 p.m.

No No: A Dokcumentary
Screening and Q&A with producer Chris Cortez
Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave. 
8 p.m.

LoFi Lounge
429 Eastlake Ave. 
9 p.m.

Starts at noon at Hing Hay Park in the ID; goes til 8 p.m.; ends at NEPO House on Beacon Hill.

Dream Cargo
Featuring Tiny Vipers, Garek Druss, Raica and Limits
Cisco Morris Biodiversity Garden at Seattle University
7:30-11 p.m.

Pictured: (Re)Confirmation by Nep Sidhu