Tamara Codor

WHO Tamara Codor, the 34-year-old artist, designer and co-owner of Codor Design. A Brooklyn, N.Y., native, Codor studied classical painting in New York and France before arriving in Seattle 10 years ago to be with a partner. Finding herself single again, she decided to make something of her remaining time in Seattle and started her own furniture design company. A week later, she met Sterling Voss, and they co-founded Codor Design.

THE LOOK “My trademark look is paint overalls and permanent streaks of paint on my hands or hair. Most people in my neighborhood will comment if I’m not covered in paint. But my favorite thing to do is the quick turnaround. Because I am always a mess, I love getting dressed up. I don’t really have an in between. The only problem is I usually can’t get all the paint off my body in time to go out in my fancy clothes.”

ICONS “I am equally attracted to clean, angular, masculine lines and styles that are wildly baroque and feminine. Art Deco and early Bauhaus like Milo Baughman, paired with the Rococo extravagance or playful opulence of Tony Duquette. I’ve also always been attracted to Surrealism in the style of Man Ray and De Chirico—dreamlike but highly structured and stylish—or even Hieronymus Bosch, the original surrealist. I think this creeps into my personal style.”

UP NEXT “We are focusing on building out our wood/metal shop as well as expanding our lighting line. We recently developed a custom chandelier with moving parts for a client in Texas. It got us thinking about creating one-of-a-kind sculptural lights. The best I can describe them is as architectural compositions with wings.”

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