See It This Week

‘The Love Witch’ at Grand Illusion, ‘Bring Down the House’ at Seattle Shakes, C.S.E. at Gallery4Culture

C.S.E. (Collaborative Stacking Extravaganza!)

Monday, Feb. 13

National African-American Parent Involvement Day

On Monday morning, I’ll be out bright and early at South Shore, joining a large community of color in high-fiving students and taking part in other awesome activities for National African-American Parent Involvement Day from 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. There’s plenty of activity happening for everyone, including food and drumming, workshops and guest speakers. Here’s what you can expect. —Barry Johnson
South Shore School

Monday, Feb. 13 – Friday, Feb. 17

C.S.E. (Collaborative Stacking Extravaganza!)

Chris McMullen’s C.S.E. (Collaborative Stacking Extravaganza!) is a playground of kinetic sculptures you’re supposed to turn, swivel and crank with the unfettered joie de vivre of a child in a sandbox. In fact, some of his room-size cranes—constructed from steel and rough-hewn, reclaimed barn wood—are puzzles that require multiple participants to assemble. —Amanda Manitach

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Lemolo, Natasha Kmeto, Headwaves

Wherever you are romantically, I can’t think of a more perfect soundtrack for Valentine’s Day than Lemolo. If you know the comfort of a lover’s arms, Meagan Grandall’s diaphanous voice and sparse but evocative songs make for perfect slow dance music, honing in on the preciousness and fragility of romance with almost disarming accuracy. And if you’re going solo on V-Day, those same songs can envelop even the most wounded romantic in rich, cathartic warmth. —Tony Kay
Nectar Lounge

Tuesday, Feb. 14

The Love Witch

Cinematic homages to bygone eras are a slippery slope, and even worse, they come a dime a dozen. The Love Witch stands as one of the best. It’s an ingenious, eye-poppingly colorful riff on the lush decadence of ’70s exploitation cinema that still carves out some cogent feminist satire with surprising symbolic depth. Color me smitten. —Tony Kay
Grand Illusion Cinema

Wednesday, Feb. 15 – Sunday, Feb. 19

Bring Down the House

Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays are a long, unwieldy trilogy, full of political drama and populated by petty, rich white dudes struggling for power. Seattle Shakespeare Company and upstart crow collective’s sleek two-part, all-female co-production cleverly updates a classic for a contemporary audience, without pointing neon narrative arrows at how Important and Relevant it is. That’s hard to do, and the great cast helps. —Gemma Wilson
Center Theatre at the Armory

Friday, Feb. 17

“Kiss My Ass” The Show

This looks promising: a character-based comedy showcase in which a pair of hosts interrupts the performers. The onstage MC is LA comic Josh Fadem (Better Call Saul30 Rock) and the offstage MC is an eccentric character called Dicker Troy, played by Johnny Pemberton (21 Jump Street, In the Loop). We’ve seen the interrupting-host format before (most notably with Comedy Central’s The Benson Interruption) but this promises to take it to the next level of off-the-cuff absurdity. —Brett Hamil
Jewel Box at the Rendezvous

Sunday, Feb. 19

Safe + Sound Self Defense Workshop

We all know that shit’s crazy out there right now. It’s imperative to protect you and yours from violent attacks and numbskull interactions. Fred Wildlife hosts a series of workshops and lectures that teach self-defense skills, including recognizing boundaries, de-escalation tactics and attacker escape techniques. Plus: Various nonprofits will be on hand to provide additional resources, support and info about ways you can get involved in your own neighborhood. This is the way you do community! —Dan Paulus
Fred Wildlife Refuge