Lasting Transcendence

“Simeon’s 75 years old, and there’s something endearing about hearing a guy that age sing songs from 1968. The music still has this quality that’s aged really well. It shows how ahead of his time he was. He was definitely aided by the Triple Door’s sound system—the nuances of his really idiosyncratic setup were totally audible. I give that guy credit for still doing it at his age and not sounding like a hack.”

—Dave Segal, co-curator of the inaugural Hypnotikon: Seattle Psych Fest, which took place Oct. 11–12 at the Triple Door. Experimental electronic project Silver Apples, aka Simeon Coxe III, headlined the fest alongside Chicago quartet Cave and local favorites Midday Veil, Brain Fruit and the Night Beats.

Photo by Lief Engberg.