Jose Bold Brings the Absurd to The Song Show

John Osebold is Seattle’s modern-day Rennaisance man. He is a writer of absurdist essays, as read in City Arts and, most recently, the Monarch Review. He is a maker of absurdist theatrical productions that have found temporary homes on Seattle stages and Off Broadway alike. And he is a musician best known for playing absurdist songs with his talented band of fellow Rennaisance men, Awesome! Osebold also plays music solo, creating short, vivid, humorous songs under the moniker Jose Bold. Every December, Jose Bold releases an album online and gives it away for free, a holiday gift to his fans. I decided to catch Jose Bold out of season, asking him to appear on The Song Show and share what he has been working on.

Osebold agreed to bring his musical alter ego out into the spotlight for a short appearance. In the interview that followed, he shared his origins as a songwriter and his great distaste for musical theatre (despite his proclivity to produce it). During this performance, recorded at the Rendezvous in Seattle on June 7, 2012, he also shared his songs, including an old favorite from Awesome!’s On the Board’s production, WEST, as well as a brand new song that he wrote especialy for the occasion.

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Photograph of Jose Bold by Vincenzo Frattarola.