Five can’t-miss songs from the PNW

Giants Kelli Schaefer

Portland musician Kelli Schaefer is some kind of mystic. The first song on her just-released EP 601 plays like an incantation, invoking a state of mind where personal epiphany can alter the entire world. From rustic to operatic, “Giants” is deeply profound and as light as smoke.

Rite of Revolution Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra

Dig Seattle’s entry into the rare groove/deep funk phenomenon. Headed by one Lucky Brown and featuring members of funk-n-jam collective Polyrthymics, LMNO unspools a slinky instrumental jam that smolders at first then bursts into a disco inferno. RIYL the Dap-Kings, Orgone, Budos Band.

Gnomi Master Musicians of Bukkake

From MMoB’s just-released Far West album, the seven-minute “Gnomi” seethes with ominous, mounting intensity. Careful—there’s darkness here. A lot of psych rock is being made in Seattle right now; these seven veterans are the style’s lunatic-savant progenitors.

Red Eye The Moondoggies

The first single from the hometown faves’ third album Adios I’m a Ghost, due in August, is a two-minute blast of classic Americana power-pop. Hooks inside hooks inside hooks inside hooks… Hypnotic, harmonic, catchy as hell.

Away the Sun Tilson XOXO

Always expect the unexpected with this guy. “Away the Sun” is a neo-trad doo-wop ballad about lost love that’s simultaneously super fun and super sad. Somehow it sounds utterly natural from the former frontman of party-rap crew the Saturday Knights.