Creators. Innovators. Opportunity-makers. The 20 culture sources that follow erase boundaries and defy expectations to deliver us into the new. Together, they’re pointing the way through the darkness. Meet the Future.

The Advocate: Randy Engstrom
The Agency: Dumb Eyes
The Allies: Catherine Harris-White & Stasia Irons
The Author: Karen Finneyfrock
The Bon Vivant: Maggie Savarino
The Broadcasters: Garrett Kelly & Amber Kai Morgan
The Crusader: Andrew Russell
The Curator: Sierra Stinson
The Educator: Diana Falchuk
The Filmmaker: Shaun Scott
The Mystery: No Touching Ground
The Organizers: Chad Clibborn & Kevin Sur
The Philosophers: Zoe Scofield & Juniper Shuey
The Photographer: John Keatley
The Producer: Erik Blood
The Publisher: Tom Llewellyn
The Renaissance Man: Jason Baxter
The Ringmaster: Jake Stratton
The Savant: Dave Pezzner
The Singer: Kaylee Cole

Text by Leah Baltus, Mark Baumgarten, Rachel Gallaher and Jonathan Zwickel. Photography by Kyle Johnson at Melrose Market Studios. Pictured above are Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey.


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