Q&A: DK Pan (and Nko) of Free Sheep Foundation

DK Pan and Nko are captains of mischief. Pan is the soft-spoken Butoh dancer, installation artist, curator of Sound transit’s “Red Wall” on Capitol Hill and subject of a domestic terrorism investigation into allegedly illegal gambling that took place during one of his projects. Nko is the graffiti artist and member of experimental theater company Implied Violence. As founders of the Free Sheep Foundation, they are responsible for Bridge Motel in Fremont and the Tubs Memorial Project in the U-District. On Thursday, Oct. 20, they will curate Heineken City Arts Fest’s Culture Club with a show inspired by transgression. 

What does transgression mean to you?
DK A breach of limits, law. traversing terrains in violation.
NKO A crossing of boundaries without permission.

Why use it as the theme of your show?
DK As a response to desire for understanding.
NKO As social and visual representation of the act.

What are you able to express as a curator that you aren’t able to express as an artist?
DK The opening of spaces to failures/ fabrications/fantasies.
NKO A love of objects created by others.

How did you find and select the artists for this exhibition?
DK By hook and by crook. By reputation and infamy.
NKO A roll of the dice…

Why is it good to push people’s buttons?
DK The only button we wish to push is labeled “on”.
NKO The exhibition is an invitation, not a taunt.

How does this exhibition relate to previous work by Free Sheep Foundation?
DK For us, this exhibition is a transgressive act.
NKO As subversion of the democratic ideal.

Creatively, what are you most excited about right now?
DK St. Genet and State v. Pan… Vignettes, Mandy Greer, Susan Robb, Ego and Ononos.
NKO Gold leaf, blood, cum, shit, ashes, wine and wax.

Culture Club: Visual Art Curated by Free Sheep Foundation happens on Oct. 20 at Heineken City Arts Fest. 

Photography by Nate Watters