Art Walk Awards Winner

Bone Orchid by Jesse Higman

On Thursday, April 28, aesthetes fond of free alcohol flexed their influence at the FRED Wildlife Refuge for City Arts’ quarterly Art Walk Awards. Each voted for one of six works of art hanging on the white walls of the venue, selected by a jury of discerning art snobs. When all the chips were counted, a poured painting titled Bone Orchid was declared winner and artist Jesse Higman received the evening’s $1,000 treasure. 

So, Jesse, what are you going to do with that money? 
“I suppose I should buy a chocolate cake or a bottle of tequila, but I celebrated enough at the awards party to last me a while. I’ll give Diana Adams a percentage of the winnings as a partner on that show. Vermillion is happening and deserves to be rewarded. I plan to enjoy my time in the art store aisles, order some new measuring cups, and appreciate the riches flowing down the hole.“