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Around Town: Again, with Art

Again, with Art
The last twelve months have been tumultuous for the visual arts world in Seattle, with comings and goings, openings and closings. Through it all, though, there has been a lot of impressive art. With that in mind, City Arts decided to turn the final 2010 installment of the Best of Art Walk Awards into a true “Best of” by inviting five local arts know-it-alls, plus our own Joey Veltkamp, to each pick their favorite local work of the year. Then we rented out Sole Repair, booked DJ Tigerbeat, invited everyone we know, asked them to vote and served them free beer from the Awards’ sponsor, Blue Moon. Matt Browning walked away with the evening’s thousand-dollar prize for his pine-sap-covered sculptural work Tradition as Adaptive, and the rest of us walked away exhausted from all the dancing.

As rain falls outside, Sole Repair heats up with hits from Journey and Cee-Lo.
AWA nominees Daniel Carillo, whose photograph of Kiki Smith was selected by gallerist Greg Kucera, and Dan Webb, whose wood sculpture Fortress was selected by artist and gallerist Scott Lawrimore, discuss what they will do with the money that neither will end up winning.
City Arts contributing writer Rachel Gallaher loves hanging out with artists and people pretending to be artists.
An arts lover casts a vote for Grant Barnhart’s Killing Time with Sleeping Pills, chosen by arts critic Regina Hackett.
The ballots now cast, Sean McCormick takes to Blue Moon–fueled dancing in celebration of art democracy.
The evening’s winner, Matt Browning, speaks with his adoring public. Find out how he will be spending all that money here.

Photography by Anne Dixon for City Arts.