Art Walk Awards: Giving Us the Finger

Paul Komada, Fat Finger, 2010, watercolor, 16 x 20 inches

Paul Komada’s medium of choice is knitting, but it was one of the Seattle-born artist’s watercolors, Fat Fingers, that won him the Best of Art Walk Award at Vito’s last month. The painting was informed by his knitting, however. It was while knitting and watching the news that Komada first heard the phrase “fat fingers” on a report of the spring 2010 stock market crash, which was blamed on typos caused by plump digits. Inspired, the artist took to his easel for a much-needed break from the strain that knitting puts on his neck and wrists and produced this colorful gem. So, Paul, what are you going to do with your five-hundred-dollar prize?

I’m trying to find a good acupuncturist.

Attend the next installment of the Best of Art Walk Awards on Thursday, December 12, at Sole Repair Shop on Capitol Hill.