Three Ways I’m Getting My Art On at City Arts Fest


Joey Veltkamp
Artist, Art Blogger, Community Lightning Rod

Eli Hansen
will be leading us on one of Seattle Art Museum’s Highly Opinionated Tour, where local artists, thinkers or doers march us around the museum and talk about their favorite (or least favorite) works. If you are unfamiliar with Eli, be assured this tour will be unconventional, entertaining and definitely educational. His exhibition of meth labs, adolescence and failed utopias was one of my favorites of the year. 

Sleepover art is all the rage in Seattle right now. Sleeper Cell Trainer Camp is the latest iteration of the marathon art adventure. Why should you go? Artist Susan Robb is always working on something interesting (growing crystals, three-day-long walks, converting poop into gas). For this project, she has curated a night of sound art and music by Aaron Zimm and DJ Scuzzy complete with snacks and cocktails all while squatting overnight in a Tom Kundig designed building. And you’ll feel good doing it – funds raised will eventually help the residents of Tent City 3.

I love oppositional relationships (good & bad, hot & cold) and Versus: The Fashion of Conflict Resolution will be delivering an entire evening of them, wrapped up in a bow. The Heroes will be presenting a fashion show where outfits and wearable art are designed around combinations such as carrier pigeon versus text or science versus religion. How will that work out for the runway? You’ll have to come see for yourself!