Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Art on Art

The staff of an arts magazine has a unique plight. Unlike the makers of, say, a sports magazine, we are saddled with the task of using our creative abilities to create articles about other creative people. It is, by nature, a very humbling task to write, photograph, illustrate and design content about people who write, photograph, illustrate and design … and dance and act and sing. Imagine reporting on the Seahawks’ strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming NFL season by holding a scrimmage with them in front of a crowd. That is, sometimes, what this job feels like. 

Most of the time, though, our subjects make us stronger. Being surrounded by creative folks pushes the City Arts staff to create a publication that is unique and adventurous, unafraid of failure and greatness alike.

It is in that spirit that creative director André Mora dove into this month’s fall arts preview. Faced with the difficult task of designing a feature spread for a big preview package that covers events that are still months away, Mora tapped into his inner artist. He emerged with scissors, construction paper and spray-paint cans. “I’m making leaves,” he told me. Within days the City Arts offices were filled with the colorful leaves and pinecones that would come to fill these pages, framing the artful words of our writers. 

A touchdown by any measure.

Mark Baumgarten
Executive Editor