The Road to Destiny

Tendai Maraire embodies two cultures, worlds apart, united by music. Maraire is best known as one-half of Shabazz Palaces. This spring he launches his latest world-straddling endeavor, Chimurenga Renaissance. Cover photo by Megumi Shauna Arai.

My Heart is a City

These prose poems and oil on mylar paintings won the April 3 Art Walk Awards after being exhibited at Blindfold Gallery earlier this year.

All Gone to Look for America

If ancient Greek history was oral, America’s is acoustic. America’s odyssey starts not with a departure but with a fresh arrival. Ours is not a there-and-back-again myth—where would we go back to? To have no history is to have no home.

Stranger Than Fiction

The documentary filmmakers of Seattle bend our perception of truth. The local doc scene is bursting with more than 40 films currently in the works.

Desolation Row

Filmmakers Elisa Haradon and Gabriel Miller's 'Sweetheart Deal' captures the underworld of Aurora Avenue and the heroin-addicted prostitutes who live and work along Seattle’s most desolate thoroughfare.

Utility Player

Jason Reid broke out in 2009 with his pugnacious documentary Sonicsgate, a feature-length film about the Sonics’ absconding from Seattle. He and his team have since made documentaries about I-502, climbing K2 and a bicycle trip across China.

Hell Raiser

Solo performer Matt Smith reflects on a disappearing childhood in a long-gone Capitol Hill in "My Last Year with the Nuns."