The Lens of Memory

Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey have spent the last seven years peeling back the layers of human experience with a provocative combination of dance and images. They turned their process inside-out with their latest work, 'BeginAgain.'

The Sound of Spring

Only three months in and 2014 is already a banner year for Seattle music. Here’s a handful of releases to look forward to.

The Rest of the Best

Don't miss these eight spring shows.

Chicken Bones & Feathers

Letterpress on cyanotype on handmade paper with feather inclusions.

Blanket Statement

Lately Joey Veltkamp has been lying low, sewing nonstop in his Eastlake studio for the past year. The studio, previously perfumed with turpentine and bouquets of drying oil paint, is now piled with sewing machines, thread and bins of fabric scraps.

From Thin Air

Composer Andrew Gerle creates worlds within worlds.

Four Courses

PNB's annual showcase tilts toward innovation.

Far Out, Close In

Sam Boshnack thrives in Seattle's adventurous Jazz scene.

A Study in Scandal

Playwright Stephanie Timm plunges into the prurient world of American politics.

About that Action

We’re winners now, exporting our cultural successes instead of leaving town in search of them. Opportunities are abundant. Other cities are looking to us for what’s next. We have momentum. We have swagger.