Soul University

Chef Tarik Abdullah and rapper Matt "Spekulation" Watson chop it up at the Hillman City Collaboratory. COVER PHOTO BY STEVEN MILLER

The Human Web

People can’t help it. We create. In the city, tossed against one another like dogs in the back of a dogcatcher’s van, rather than snarling and tearing at each other, we sing songs, we pound out rhythms.

Kick It Over the Cliff

Seattle Art Museum's Chiyo Ishikawa and Roq la Rue's Kirsten Anderson sit down in the Arboretum’s Japanese Garden for a conversation about what it means to be a curator.

Blue Mountain

Stoneware with underglazes.

Silencing the Knuckleheads

Musician and City Council hopeful John Roderick and Sub Pop exec Megan Jasper talk about Seattle's past and future in Jasper’s cluttered office.