Hustle Makes Me What I Am

George Quibuyen and Hollis Wong-Wear—aka Geo and Hollis—both have long histories in Seattle art and activism circles. Cover photo by Megumi Shauna Arai, with wardrobe provided by Glasswing, necklace by Faris, hair and makeup by Jamyrlyn Mallory.

Promiscuous Ways of Being Happy

Alice Gosti and C. Davida Ingram push the edges of expectation and identity.

It All Comes from a Fucking Farm

Restaurateurs Matt Dillon and Kurt Timmermeister talked over wheels of cave-aged cheese at Dillon’s own Vashon farm.

Coming Out of the Cave

We will put pen to paper, paint to canvas and pun to microphone as long as the horrible hands keep knocking at our doors and in our minds.
Creative Writing

More Comfort

A poem by Chelsea Werner-Jatzke.

Life on the Sidelines

Watercolor on paper by Klara Glosova.