The Art of Artifice

How Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover are making a living—and a life—as modern-day vaudevillians. Cover photo by Steven Miller.

Proposed Land Use Action

A map shows how Capitol Hill has changed since 1992.

Nature and Nurture

Essay by Kevin Sur. "My life goal is to create and collect as many moments as I can."

Filmmaker Wins International Award

Jessica Valentine is one of three filmmakers to win the Jameson First Shot. Now she’s directing a short film based on her own original script, with Uma Thurman in the lead and Kevin Spacey’s award-winning production company producing.

The Sound of Silence?

Trimpin’s New 
Installation at Olympic Sculpture Park.

Capitol Hill Becomes an Arts District

In late May, Capitol Hill Housing dedicated its annual community forum to establishing an arts district in Capitol Hill, where cultural space is an urgent issue.

Q&A with Ishmael Butler

Ishmael Butler expands the universe of Shabazz Palaces.

Girl on Film

Courtney Sheehan brings a neo-feminist eye to Northwest Film Forum.

Shapes and Space

Faris Du Graf’s jewelry is equal parts edgy and elegant.

Taste Test with Jason Lajeunesse

Jason Lajeunesse has a hand in Neumos, Capitol Hill Block Party, Lost Lake, the Comet and Big Mario's.

Sayulita North

A parking lot paradise 
in Ballard serves Peruvian desserts, gourmet ice cream and espresso.

Standing on Slivers of History

For a decade, the artist collective known as and/or was the epicenter of Seattle’s avant-garde. Even its demise was fruitful, establishing arts organizations that persist to this day.

Here Comes the Neighborhood

Change is inevitable. But there’s a right way to do it.

Whiting Tennis’ ‘Hampers’ in South Lake Union

A newly installed sculpture commissioned by Vulcan Real Estate honors the area’s industrial past.