A Beautiful Explosion

The artists of Electric Coffin are helping define Seattle’s landscape—
one giant squid at a time. On the cover: Duffy De Armas (left), Justin Kane Elder and Stefan Hofmann warm up inside Electric Coffin's installation at REI. Photo by Steve Korn

She’s So Unusual

As Lady Rizo, actress, singer and comedian Amelia Zirin-Brown turns the ridiculous into the sublime. She can make you cry into your martini and then laugh so hard you spit it out.

Who’s the Artist Now?

Today they’re often considered “creative entrepreneurs”—a model some people worry heralds the end of the artist entirely. It doesn’t.


Oil on canvas

100-Watt Revolution

Low-Power FM stations represent a much-needed corrective to wider market forces as commercial radio stations increasingly operate at greater distances from the audiences they serve.