Songs of Peace

"And sometimes the quest for peace is situational, like figuring out what to do with your minutes while your dad dies." An essay by David Schmader. ON THE COVER: Self-portrait by Frank Correa

“Mandala 3”

Watercolor, acrylic and ink. 
By Zac Culler

Why I Quit Tweeting

"Particularly online, careless speech isn’t free. There’s a price. I’m sorry."

2015 Artists of the Year

Ten local luminaries who made a big splash in the last 12 months.

Ambiance on Sundays

"The whole truth is, though I’m a walking billboard for women-centered healing, some days I’m not sure exactly how I do it." An essay by Anastacia Renee’ Tolbert

What Love Looks 
Like in Public

"Where there’s mutual respect, there’s no competition between one person’s peace and another person’s self-expression." An essay by Shaun Scott