Best New Music

Meet the bands, MCs and producers who are making this moment in Seattle sound so good. This issue navigates the labyrinth of local music and shines a light on its most intriguing corners. COVER PHOTO BY JENNY JIMENEZ

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mother

I came into my identity as both an artist and a parent at the same time, and it wasn’t a coincidence.

Ways to Be

From the concussed scuzz-rock of their early stuff to the diffident almost-anthems of their latest, Dude York has chased a guitar-pop ideal through a series of giddy singles and EPs.


Oil on canvas by Claire Johnson.

The Rise of Locomotive Punk

NighTraiN is leaving the station—and taking you with it.

Ready for Takeoff

Airport rises from the electionic underground. Here are the annotated details of the one-man mood-elevating flying machine.

Dry the Rain

Low Hums unleash Northwest-bred desert rock.

Glow For It

Dance music for daytime, Odesza’s upbeat EDM positively glows with sunlight.

Gold From Here On

Rapper Raz Simone narrates Seattle's unconscious. His first LP, "Cognitive Dissonance," exists outside of rap’s feedback loop—it must, because Simone pays little attention to hip-hop at large.

Triumph of the Will-not

Posse’s effortless brilliance

Really Loud Rock of Ages

A timeline of Helms Alee, titans of Seattle’s heavy-music scene.

The Turning of the Tide

The Comettes voyage into the welcome unknown.

Outer Spaces

The four women of Wishbeard hover near 30 years old and “look like 12-year-old boys,” says keyboardist Erin Resso. Their luscious, dreamy space-rock has garnered a diverse following.

Extra-large Cheese

ILLFIGHTYOU spits hot fire—over Tacoma’s best pizza.

The Outsiders

Industrial Revelation wrecks expectations.