Editor's Note

Imagine a Way Forward

Photographer Megumi Shauna Arai and art director Dan Paulus during the photo shoot for Tom Robbins and Tod Marshall at Robbins’ home in La Conner.

One of the best things about our annual Interview Issue is discovering the threads that tie all three conversations together. Where do they overlap? Where do they vibrate at a similar frequency? And what do their connections reveal about the moment we’re living in?

This year’s conversations all address the way creative synthesis yields transformation. Dayna Hanson and ilvs strauss talk about what it means to take a source of inspiration and cast it into the language of dance, theatre, film or whatever other disciplines an artist has at her disposal. Tom Robbins and Tod Marshall discuss the power of the imagination to generate, to surprise, to unleash mystery and transcendence. And Nikkita Oliver and Draze go deep on what artists have to offer this challenging, complex time in Seattle history: the ability to express what people are feeling and to envision a future that doesn’t yet exist. In these dark days, I am counting on this mysterious alchemy to let in the light.

I dare you to listen in to this issue’s charged exchanges without feeling a surge of optimism! These six people are overflowing with purposeful ingenuity. Their work speaks to our hearts.

See you out there,


Editor in Chief