Fort Casey Big Data

Patty Haller Fort Casey Big Data

Patty Haller’s paintings explore a visual intersection of the statistics and data involved in the appreciation of the geographic and geologic shift in recent years, particular to the Pacific Northwest.

“I used to be a forester,” Haller says, “and I have strong physical memories of that time. When I look at my photography in the studio, I’ll hear twigs snapping in my head. I’ll be suddenly aware of my shins, which were always scratched and bruised from dense underbrush. I started this series after studying German language and the ideas of M.C. Escher and Max Ernst. There’s a precision to each influence I like, but also randomness and surprise.”

Haller’s work is on view Jan. 10 through Feb. 5 as part of New Art, New Artists at SAM Gallery.

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