Engagement Ring Shopping as a Team

Traditionally, people planning to propose shop for engagement rings alone, carefully selecting the piece of jewelry with which they’ll ask their future fiancé to marry them. It is an important once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and the stakes can be very nerve-racking. Selecting the engagement ring together can be a great way to ease some of the anxiety around popping the question.

“More and more, we are seeing couples embark on this experience as a team.” says Dan Decker of Robbins Brothers, the engagement ring store, “There is no right or wrong way to go about finding the perfect ring, and there are pros and cons for going it alone or as a couple.”

What about couples who want the best of both worlds? How do couples enjoy the collaboration of choosing the perfect ring as a team while still savoring the romance of a big surprise when the big moment comes? Decker and the Robbins Brothers team have found the solutions: a five-step process to ensure that everyone is equally happy with the ring and the big moment.

1. Game Plan – Communication at the beginning is very important. “Before you even step into the store, have a conversation to set some guidelines so neither of you leave disappointed,” advises Decker. He recommends couples discuss goals for their first visit to the store, some general ideas about the look of the ring, and, of course, their budget.

2. The Perfect Price – Any reputable jeweler will respect the customers’ budget wishes and make the experience comfortable and fun. For many couples, it’s best to decide on an acceptable price range before shopping. Some couples may decide to finance their ring, other will want to choose something they can afford to pay for in a single payment.

3. Your Perfect Diamond – When searching for the perfect diamond, always remember that there are plenty of options. From standard select diamonds, to environmentally friendly, to beautiful lab-grown creations, the choice is yours. Be sure that your jeweler is picky and hand-selects diamonds for visual beauty. Also, confirm that no cracks, fissure or feathers will compromise the integrity of your diamond.

4. A Scoring System – There are so many facets that make up the design of an engagement ring that focusing on a feature at the time is often more exhausting than it is productive. A great place to start is by reacting to rings by rating them on a simple 1-10 scale. This method encourages couples to comparison shop as they go, and to articulate their first instincts about the look and feel of a ring.

5. Remember the romance and fun –  “Remember to take the time and enjoy each other!” says Decker, “If it gets a bit tense, take a break. Grab some coffee and when you’re ready, start again.” Engagement ring shopping should be a fun, romantic experience. If you’re not having fun or enjoying the romance, a few moments away can make all the difference. The Seattle Robbins Brothers store is just down the street from Pikes Place Market­­­­—take a stroll, buy some flowers, enjoy the fresh air and celebrate: you’re about to get engaged.

This content is sponsored by Robbins Brothers.