Photo by Nate Gowdy

Transmogrifying at will

At its core, Crater is a two-woman unit. To conjure their atmospheric industrial pop, Ceci Gomez sings and plays keyboards while Kessiah Gordon plays bass, guitar, synthesizer and electronic drums. As heard on their debut LP, Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep, their songs build tension via skeletal but dramatic arrangements, Gordon’s electronic lattice underlying Gomez’s assertive vocals. During their February album-release performance at Chop Suey, the duo expanded exponentially, augmented by the four members of prog-rock band Bod on guitar, bass, keys and drums. As a unit they became hive mind incarnate, uber-Crater, their sound writ arena-sized, their magnitude more than the sum of its parts.

Crater play Barboza on April 15.

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