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Stallman in Motion

Using a unique process for a unique result, the two-man team creates “sculptural canvases” that are in demand around the world.
Album of the Month

Kung Foo Grip Goes Harder, Weirder with ‘2KFG’

Kung Foo Grip slide into the mumble-trap era relatively unscathed.

J GRGRY Was Born Ready For KeyArena

Bandleader Joe Gregory toiled for years in the alt-rock trenches. Now he's stepping onto his rightful stage.

Album Review: ‘Yellow’ by Naomi Punk

The Olympia trio's 25-track double album houses its weirdest material to date.
Album of the Month

Album of the Month: ‘Asking/Bearing’ by Lushloss

A comprehensive emotional document—intimate is an understatement—that occasionally feels a bit too close.

The Representative

In “Two Five Three,” Fice shines a light, with the help of Neko Case, on his overshadowed hometown. Eleven seconds into the music video for Fice’s most recent single, “Two Five Three,” the camera cuts from the drowsy emcee and rests...

Toast of the Town

Champagne Champagne moves toward the mainstream with one foot in the underground. Photograph by Andrew Waits for City Arts. How many of y’all know about Champagne Champagne?” Grayskul emcee Onry Ozzborn is introducing one of Capitol Hill’s...

Spilled Ink

Life Is Short Top Chef contestant and Crave founder Robin Leventhal talks about her tattoo and the battle that led to it. Photos by Sunny Facer As the founder and executive chef of the late, hip Capitol Hill restaurant Crave, and as a former...

Music. Drugs. God. Music.

Ben Haggerty begins his days with thirty minutes of deep meditation. This is how he finds his equilibrium, a place he can create from. It wasn't always like this, he says while sitting in the reading loft above Caffé Vita's main coffeehouse in...

Hangout: On the Dot

Abuzz with Grammy hype, Tacoma’s unknown star makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere. It’s hard to get a beat on Quincy Henry. He doesn’t like the term “rapper,” or “producer,” or even “artist.” Those words are too...