Shaun Scott is a Seattle-based writer, historian and filmmaker. He is the author of the e-book Something Better: Millennials and Late Capitalism at the Movies. He’s a columnist for City Arts Magazine, where he writes the thread “Faded Signs,” a bi-weekly column about popular culture in late capitalism.

Recent Articles


The Art of Self-Promotion

The goal of social media is to convey a wholesome sense of self in a superficial world where no one goes to the bathroom or says goodbye. It's a performance art piece based on the conceit that we’re all relentlessly radiant stars.

Through a Glass, Brightly: Cinerama’s 70mm Film Festival

This Seattle theatre is showing some of film's greatest masterworks in glorious, high-resolution 70mm. Here's why you should see 'Patton', 'Vertigo' and more in this larger-than-life format.

A Museum With a Pulse: MOHAI’s Celluloid Seattle

The Museum of History and Industry’s (MOHAI) stellar Celluloid Seattle exhibit is a lively saunter through Seattle’s history in motion pictures, resurrecting long-gone theatres, Hollywood productions shot locally and the city’s brushes with...

The Difference Between Thinking and Feeling on the Beach

In August, I took a small cast and crew to the beach to film a scene I’d written about an exhausted travel writer, sent by his publishing agency to interview a climate change scientist on the Pacific coast. The scene was the conclusion to an epic...