Rachel Gallaher fell into interiors writing when she applied for an internship at a local shelter magazine three years ago. Now she reports on Pacific Northwest design for recently launched GRAY magazine and covers performing arts for City Arts. Worst design trend in history? Shag carpet in the bathroom—gross!

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Q&A: Ballerina Melody Herrera reflects on Shadows, Raincoats & Monsters

Visiting Ballerina Melody Herrera practices for Shadows, Raincoats & Monsters This week, Intiman Theatre has been full of the sounds of dance as Whim W'Him rehearses for their upcoming Seattle debut of Shadows, Raincoats & Monsters this weekend....

Quotables from Fireside Chat with Alfred Harris

Serenade for a Candy Thief by Alfred Harris Last night in the Fireside Room at the Sorrento Hotel, a large group of Seattle art world notables (among them were Bill and Ruth True, Liz Brown, and Jenny and Chris Roberts) gathered to celebrate the work...

Kickstart this Art: Jenny

When GlassForest Entertainment asked local cinematographer Sam Graydon which big-name star he’d like to cast in his short film Jenny, he immediately thought of Gary Busey. And while most young filmmakers can only dream of booking a Hollywood name,...

The Round’s Holiday Party

What do you get when you throw a group of musicians, two poets, three painters and an improv band together in front of a crowd? The Round participants join together to sing Silent Night with the audience. While the outcome may be questionable in...

The Art of Gifting

Gimme! Gimme!We artsy types are the toughest to shop for. Ultimately we drive our loved ones to mega shopping centers thronged by swarms of panicked last-minute gift seekers, knowing that they are likely to make numerous gifting mistakes in an attempt...

Handmade, without the Making

Ten local crafters on Etsy with gifts that click.What better way to show someone you care than with a homemade gift? This might be a no-brainer for the craft-inclined, but if the thought of a glue stick or knitting needles makes you cringe, fear not;...