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The Problematic Mixed Bill of PNB’s ‘Emergence’

Two brilliant dance works are marred by the presence of one that is shockingly and offensively behind our cultural times.

A ‘Swan Lake’ of Rare Beauty at PNB

Pacific Northwest Ballet opened its latest 'Swan Lake' with a performance so inspired that it felt like watching a brand-new production.

Coleman Pester: Choreographer, Convention-Breaker

Coleman Pester is the founder and artistic director of Tectonic Marrow Society.

Timely Collaboration and Faustian Disaster in ‘Saci & The Greater Trumps’

Karin Stevens Dance and Universal Language Project present two stories of apocalypse and human redemption.

360 Degrees of Dance

You don’t have to “get” zoe | juniper’s 'Clear and Sweet.' It will get you.

Whim W’Him: A New Season Begins

The strengths and weaknesses of the dance company's latest, 'Choreographic Shindig III.'

Her Story

A PNB bill showcases Twyla Tharp, Crystal Pite and Jessica Lang.

Through the Lens of Dance

Velocity's film program helps dancers look and think outside their own bodies.

SAM + PNB = Sculptured Dance

Dance works at Olympic Sculpture Park highlight classical and contemporary.

The Delicate Balance of Beauty and Pain

Whim W’Him’s 'Approaching Ecstasy' is a powerful, dark and ultimately uplifting multi-media performance.