Margo Vansynghel has been a writer as long as she can remember. Even before straying from the Belgian seaside (where she was born) to pursue degrees in Art History and Journalism, she worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist and critic, and still does today. When she’s not writing, reading or seeking refuge in museums and galleries, you can find her behind a camera, shouting at heedless car drivers from her bike or documenting conditions in homeless camps.

Recent Articles


Queer Feelings

Adrien Leavitt talks about vulnerability and defiance in a dangerous world.

The Art of Carving Out Space 

Satpreet Kahlon uses castoffs and trash to challenge the patriarchy.

Becoming a Poet

At just 21, Angel Gardner discusses her role as celebrated poet, her time living homeless and writing.

Saccharine and Sexism

Michelle de la Vega's sugar-coated "Sugar Project" is too intense to look away.

A Gateway Drug to Karl Marx

Monthlong happening Red May hopes to ease your understanding of Marxist Socialism.

Lessons from an Apodment

With 'Caché,' three artists hide a message in an urban history museum.

Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman

The founders of INCA insist on a different approach to valuing art in society.

Art of Darkness

An exhibit with green glitter and cuddling alligators challenges the romancing of colonialism.

Negarra A. Kudumu Goes the Extra Mile

The quick-minded intellectual discusses travel, community engagement and her role at the Frye.

Matt Browning at the Whitney Biennial

The conceptual multimedia artist is showing a series of wood carvings in New York.

Robert Zverina: Fighting Entropy

An artist lets out decades of collected memories.

Power Play

Tacoma Art Museum's portraiture exhibits turns its gaze on the viewer.