Senior editor Jonathan Zwickel has been writing about popular culture since 2000 for publications in San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and Seattle. Along with his work at City Arts, he occasionally contributes to Pitchfork, Stereogum and Thrillist. His first book, Beastie Boys: A Musical Biography, was published in 2012 by Greenwood Press. He lives on Capitol Hill with his best friend and personal trainer, Edison the Wonderdog.

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Real Rent Right Now

Reframing the relationship between non-Natives and Native Americans—whose lands non-Natives occupy—as one akin to tenant and landlord is nothing short of a paradigm shift.

Meatless in Seattle

Inexpensive and nutritious, the meat-free burger will feed the future. But how does it taste?
Album of the Month

The Culture Is Finally Catching Up to Crater

Crater's Unearth second full-length album has the culture catching up.

Julie-C: Educator, Activist, MC

Hip-hop politicized me,” says Julie Chang Schulman.

Claire Buss: DIY Impresario, Game Show Host

Five years ago, after college graduation, Claire Buss decided to move to Seattle sight unseen because, you know, it seemed like a cool place to live.

A Look at 2017 Through Seattle-Colored Glasses

Examining the bubble from the inside out reminds me that, despite its faults and falsehoods, the bubble remains a decent place to live.

Cock & Swan Let the Blood and Beats Fly in “Flock Descending”

The video riffs on Nicolas Winding Refn's 2013 film 'Only God Forgives.'

Ruler and Cataldo Walk into a Slack Chat…

“BIG TONE, BIG FEELINGS, BIG CHOICES” Eric Anderson of Cataldo and Matt Batey of Ruler chat ahead of this Saturday's edition of Band Crush.
Album of the Month

FKL’s Restless, Minimalist Electro-Pop

The latest from FKL is expertly executed minimalist electro-pop, and so much more.

Luna Music Group, an Agency for the Streaming Era

A brand-new full-service music development company is on the scene.