Senior editor Jonathan Zwickel has been writing about popular culture since 2000 for publications in San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and Seattle. Along with his work at City Arts, he occasionally contributes to Pitchfork, Stereogum and Thrillist. His first book, Beastie Boys: A Musical Biography, was published in 2012 by Greenwood Press. He lives on Capitol Hill with his best friend and personal trainer, Edison the Wonderdog.

Recent Articles


Terror/Cactus: Cinematic Electro-cumbia

“Cumbia is appealing to me because it’s a unifying thing between countries,” says Martín Selasco, the main mind behind Terror/Cactus.

The Sons of Rainier: Vagabond Cowboy Folk

After the beard-sculpting, trend-riding folk-pop storm blew over, these are the true believers who remain.

Guayaba: Experimental, Shape-shifting Hip-hop

Watching her perform is watching a woman disappear into an idea, an image, a sound.

Late Nights Early Mornings, “What to Do”

West Coast house augmented by smooth, soulful vocals

Feed, “Someone’s Blues”

"Someone's Blues" is a flange-shifting, drum-filling rocker that reaches a righteous crescendo.

The Moondoggies Awaken with ‘A Love Sleeps Deep’

"There's a lot of anger on the record, coming from a place of love."

The Clock-Out Lounge Arrives on Beacon Hill

A new venue brings live music to a nightlife desert.

Rainier Avenue Radio Builds Community One Listener at a Time

Tony Benton is building community radio one listener at a time.

At the Intersection of Tech, Culture and Commerce

From a nucleus in downtown Seattle, Arif Gursel stakes out space for a new wave of Black empowerment.

WATCH: Prom Queen and the Black Tones

You gotta see the grand finale to believe it, and you can do it here.