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The Future List

It’s morning in Seattle, but the ambitious and intrepid among us were awake before dawn. The people on our annual Future List—artists, curators and tastemakers—will improve your coming year. This is your early introduction. The Journeyman:...

Ye Merry Olde Gift Guide

Our second-annnual holiday bonanza features dozens of great gift ideas from local retailers. Click here to browse them all!

Taste Test with TJ Cowgill

Artist, musician and impresario TJ Cowgill founded Actual Pain, his Capitol Hill-based clothing company, in 2006 and now counts Kanye West as a fan. He’s a longtime member of metal band Book of Black Earth and in October released his first record,...

Spreading Equality

“The battle for same-sex marriage rights still needs to be fought on a number of different frontiers in our country. But I think that we laid some pretty great groundwork. The beauty of a program like Music for Marriage Equality is that we were able...

Bring It On Home

Not delivery. Not street food. Take-out. Little Uncle Capitol Hill When our favorite chefs endorse a place, we listen. Served from what looks like a street-facing storage closet, Little Uncle is so unpretentious you’d easily drive right by it....

Infusion Profusion

Soaking tasty things in strong liquor is easy and effective. The Highline Capitol Hill A vegan heavy metal bar set above Broadway’s skuzzy street parade (and a sex shop), the Highline feels like your alt cousin’s college clubhouse, only...

In the Wilderness

With two concurrent shows that span the last 25 years of his work on view in Seattle, Jeffry Mitchell considers work that needs no explanation. In 1989, Matthew Kangas curated a show at Bumbershoot about abstraction and asked me to take part. I...

Gluten for Punishment

The best baguette in Seattle. A champion baguette (there is such a thing; see "Not a Badass, a Baker") should appeal to all five senses. With supreme judgment in mind, we rounded up four baguettes from the city’s premier bakeries and put them...

Q&A with Corina Bakker of The Tempers

The Tempers are a trio of performance artists, applying equal attention to their music—dark and twisted minimalist electro-pop—as to their wigged-out performances. Though the band is only three years old, siblings Corina Bakker (vocals), James...

The Money Project

In this fall’s S.ite S.pecific I.nstallation: The Money Project, photographer Megan Harmon meticulously covers fruit and household objects with piles of shredded greenbacks (purchased on eBay) to spark conversations about value, worth and the...

Complete Festival Guide!

Check out the listings and links below to figure out how you want to do the fest this year. Below are descriptions of each and every show in music and the arts, including every performance, visual art installation and humanties conversations at...

Q&A with Jesse Higman

Jesse Higman calls it “illuvium”: his unique painting technique of pouring diluted, translucent paint over black Masonite canvases laid horizontally, their surfaces contoured with rolls and swales formed by weights attached beneath. The silicated...